Crowboy Labs Business Plan


Nowadays, the real world is intertwined with the virtual world, creating a symbiosis of everyday life; therefore, there is a need to create solutions in the metaverse where everyone from around the world can become a part of the community. At the same time we want to provide users with the maximum experience possible from the sophisticated technology of a 3D world. What is important from the perspective of the project and its innovation is that the metaverse branch is constantly developing and gaining popularity while the number of users constantly grows.
Without a doubt, we are at the stage where the demand significantly exceeds the supply of solutions. We believe that refined virtual reality embedded concepts in an interesting topic and supported by game-fi elements with decentralized finances will be a response to the needs of the market and today's users. Want3d is a Western Free-To-Play & Compete-To-Earn cross-platform Game-Finance ecosystem.
The idea is to create an easy-to-learn but hard-to-master game giving the possibility to monetize players' gaming skills. The game, however, must still be open for PC and Mobile users that are not yet involved in cryptocurrencies, bringing the blockchain beauty to them. The project consists of the following main aspects: Decentralized Finance, NFTs, Metaverse, Gaming.

General Problems in Crypto/NFT/Game Finance/Metaverses

Centralized Finance
In CeFi, the customers transfer the custody of their holdings to the exchanges. They also provide their private details to these exchanges so it’s not transparent or private anymore. In case the exchange is hacked or suffers from a cyber attack there’s a real chance of losing funds. Even if somehow the funds are safe there is a risk of compromised privacy.
There have been situations of freezing or stopping the whole exchange circulation or enabling the selling of the specific stock. It shows the threat of the funds not being really in the holder's pocket but in the hands of the exchange company.
Inexperienced team members and hype approach instead of business approach
Crypto markets have thousands of projects and many of them are created by people who don't have any real technical or business experience. This leads to the team abandoning the project, letting it fall, not preparing for each stage, and just seeing what’s going to happen without any plan. In 99 out of 100 cases these projects will just fail; if not in the bull market then they will surely go down in the bear market. This is why it’s so important to bring talented and motivated people into the project’s team and manage it like a company that’s developing a product (value).
Lack of real-value projects
It’s not just odd and infantile names or the pump-and-dump scammers who manipulate the space, but every aspect of the coins that are meant to create the ultimate sense of FOMO (fear of missing out), and also a promise of extreme wealth.
There are more and more projects on blockchains (Eth, Bsc, Polygon, Cosmos…) that are considered “shit-coins” or “meme-coins”. They try to follow main players like Dogecoin or Shiba-Inu and catch people off-guard psychologically promising them wealth by putting their money into it while it has no real value behind the project at all.
Blockchain Games playability
For any player with gaming experience most of the blockchain games currently on the market are not playable and the game mechanism is not perfect. All these have led to chain games often being mocked as blockchain gamification rather than game blockchainization. The attraction for real gamers is limited but it is sought after by investors. The reason why investors can be attracted is that the concepts of GameFi and P2E are appealing regarding game development, demographics, and profitability. As we discussed in the previous article “Blockchain Games Expanding to Playability”, even if the chain game studio makes a game that satisfies all the values, if it is not fun then the player will not pay the bill (not to mention the consensus of the community and the value of game assets). So returning to the essence of the game, with the playability, it is possible to attract more players to enter while retaining existing players, so that mainstream players can accept it. Today, in the overwhelming publicity of blockchain games, it appears to matter more that players make money by playing games rather than promoting how fun this game is. Most of the current chain games are also not playable as they are only constructed from the perspective of P2E profitability and most players do not consider the richness of this game at all. It depends entirely on the current popularity.
Play 2 Earn
The reality of modern P2E is that earning has less to do with playing than investing. Players must first spend considerably, up to thousands of dollars buying NFTs or paying a third-party guild to rent them. Unfortunately, without all of these you can’t play the game at all for free. To earn any return some group of future players must spend more to keep it all going and so on in perpetuity.
Pay 2 Win
Many companies nowadays are driven by profit prosperity so they lean towards the Pay 2 win mechanics in their games. There should be no in-game advantage for doing so. Pay-to-win mechanics ruin the balance. They make games less fun and sustainable and they exclude many people who aren’t able to risk capital which leads to fewer user databases.
Internal Metaverses
As the word “metaverse” is hot right now we can see more and more projects being developed under this banner. There are really not that many projects that want true metaverses across all the chains (or even multiple chains). Instead, projects are focusing on creating a small “mini verse” in their own brand, just for their local community.
NFTs as multimedia without any utility
Utility represents how easily the NFT can be used and what you can actually do with it; reputation represents value given by the profile — popularity or infamy — of the original creator or source and liquidity represents how easy it is to buy and sell the NFT. Over the past few months dozens of brands and celebrities have minted their own NFT collections with more or less resounding success. NBA Top Shot sold $500 million worth of NBA history, Elon Musk was offered $1 million for his NFT song, Formula 1 sold digital collectible car components, and Taco Bell’s collection was, well, less popular. So what drove the value of these purchases? Looking at the formula above, we can safely say that reputation plays a big factor. Elon Musk got offered $1 million because he is a celebrity and if the basketball clips were not officially endorsed by the NBA then they wouldn’t be as valuable. Scarcity also plays a role as these drops are time-limited and run out quickly so FOMO (the fear of missing out) leads to irrational behaviour and speculation. The missing element here was utility. No one bought these NFTs for a specific use case. Reputation and scarcity-driven value work well for digital art and collectibles but this is a relatively niche audience. Sure, the digital collectible market generated over $2 billion in transactions in quarter one of 2021 alone, but only across roughly 100,000 hyper-users according to this report. This might well continue to be the case and be a large market in itself, but to truly emerge into the mainstream NFTs need to prove their utility beyond pure collectible and speculative value.
Game financial ecosystem balance
Many Game-Fi's are built on the single-pass system that uses a currency for the in-game economy and the secondary market. Players who obtain the game pass through the purchase can enter the game and earn income by playing the game.
The direct transaction between a single in-game currency and legal tender increases the impact of the secondary market on the in-game economic system. When players buy game tokens in large quantities and lock their accounts the currency value and player profits will increase making the game very positive. However, this is not conducive to attracting new players to keep up with the upgrade speed of old players, and causes huge inequality and affects the participation of new players. Conversely, when the currency is sold in a large amount and depreciated, players will lose the motivation to continue playing due to low income, speed up the sales of game items, and plunge the game into a death spiral.
In addition, the single currency system is prone to inflation, especially when the game guild continues to produce. It will cause the depreciation of the token which will cause the fear of later investors. This is not conducive to the survival of the game itself. In addition, the overall cycle design cost and maintenance cost brought about by currency unification are relatively large and there is no central bank to artificially regulate currency circulation. Therefore, when a problem occurs in a certain link in the entire cycle, the BUG cycle will directly collapse.
Western Theme in general video games market
The Western genre has a long history in gaming but it seems to have taken a hiatus of sorts following the enormous success of the Red Dead Redemption series. It's understandable why developers don't want to compete with Rockstar's powerhouse, but it doesn't mean development teams should completely avoid the genre. There are many gamers who would enjoy more Western games, even ones that aren't as polished as Red Dead Redemption 2. There's a lot of room here for developers to keep things fresh and try to innovate. Trying to avoid copying Red Dead while still fitting into the Western genre could be a fascinating creative experiment on its own, leading to an artistic and enjoyable gaming experience.
Income-focused projects
The majority of the market focuses on maximizing profits in a short time. It’s understandable, as managing the blockchain project isn’t a charity but a business. However, there is a lack of projects that really want to please the users and players instead of creators. When creators answer the community calls about how the game should look, players are sure that this game is what they really want and want to have fun with.
An additional benefit should be bringing more and more regular people outside of the Crypto world into blockchain technology. We didn't create the project because of financial problems. We are very passionate about video games, blockchain, and want to use our IT and management skills to finally see a high quality blockchain game. The goal and motivation is to bring regular players to the blockchain.

Our solutions

Crowboy Labs Community Focus

DAO (Votings)
Community Ideas
Holders of NFTs and Tokens will be treated as the stakeholders of the Crowboys' ecosystem!
We can’t think of everything. Asking for ideas and keeping community think-tanks close to the project helps to develop.
Airdrops, giveaways, in-game events, tournaments, games, and contests will help keep the community active.
To meet today’s players' and investors' expectations we have to create a strong community involvement in the project development and a well-designed ecosystem. A strong and involved community is not only crucial for the gaming project to be successful but also for the blockchain project itself. People can decide on their own what they would like to have in the game and push their ideas to become a reality in the final game. Want3d is a community-focused project, we aspire to create something for gamers, with gamers so it becomes the game they would like to play and invite their friends to. This would boost the project’s marketing possibilities as the Users' Database will grow over time and share positive words about the project.

Want3d Ecosystem

To build a perfect gaming ecosystem we need to focus on: the currencies (multi-token system), game playability, game accessibility, availability to play on the majority of devices/platforms...and the real value behind the project’s game.. the metaverse & NFTs, so the whole system won’t collapse as in many typical FOMO cycles.
Want3d TPS GameFi
West City Metaverse
Wild West Tokens
A simple Western-theme Third Person Shooter game available for multiple platforms with 2 modes. The casual mode will be free-to-play mode. It will be available for everyone without any entry-level. The competitive mode will require buying NFT equipment, a Crowboy Avatar and depositing $Wild Tokens before competing in exclusive "Most Want3d" gameplay.
Metaverse is going to be commonplace for players to spend their time and have fun together. To enter the metaverse player has to possess the NFT equipment and Crowboy avatar, just like in competitive mode. Virtual West City, a western-themed city, will be the centre of the metaverse. Players will be able to meet here between competitive gaming (with many events like robbing the bank and interactions like gun duels)
There will be a lot of NFTs in the Crowboys' world. Starting from genesis NFTs to simply reward the early investors for their trust and help, throughout the avatars, skins, weapons, and ending on Lands and properties(e.g. Mine, Stable, Saloon, Jailhouse) these will be able to be Staked and get profits over a time and all being 3D models importable into the game with their own utilities.
  • Part of the Crowboys Game - Each and every one of them is going to be a 3D NFT model preview that can be imported into the game.
  • Utility - Each and every one of them will have its utility inside and outside the game e.g. staking(bounty hunting), charity, whitelisting, airdrops.
  • Rarity - Good, Bad, and Ugly rarity system.
  • Upgrades - Some of the NFTs(like weapons) are going to be upgradeable to have higher perks. We can't let the upgrades ruin the balance in the game, so players will need to have a higher rank in the Most Wanted Ranking to be able to use upgraded equipment.

There are going to be 2 tokens as blockchain contracts, $WILD and $WEST.

2 tokens system with one governance token and with one in-game; this is called a multi-token system.
The multi-token system reduces the impact of the secondary market on the game, increases the stability of the economic system in the game, and realizes self-adjustment through resource integration. Multi-tokens have a relatively high cognitive threshold for players compared with single-tokens.
The $Wild token is going to be used across the whole Crowboys ecosystem. It will be possible to mint all Crowboys NFTs for it (after launching minting on our website). This token is also going to be the token listed on DEX's as well as CEX's and will be fully available for the cryptocurrency investors and will be treated as a governance token so the token is being used for community voting.
The $West token, on the other hand, is going to be used for in-game transactions only, gambling in saloons, duelling with other Crowboys, playing minigames, playing competitive mode, and trading items in-game. Players will be able to buy it ONLY with $WILD tokens or passively earn it with our Founders Genesis Crates.

Innovation aspects of the Want3d ecosystem

Multi-Token System

Multi-token system usually divides game currency into in-game currency and governance currency. The in-game currency is the main reward for basic player behaviours such as daily tasks, events or by playing the competitive ranked games and earning it by laddering up in the Most Wanted Ranking. It plays a role in the game’s economic cycle and has unlimited issuance accounts.
Governance coins are used to incentivize players to govern the community in difficult tasks such as PvP battles which includes the long-term commitment of higher token value. As far as game publishing platforms are concerned, currencies can be divided into in-game currency and platform tokens. Platform tokens occasionally replace governance tokens but the correlation and liquidity between currencies are diverse.
The multi-token system reduces the impact of the secondary market on the game, increases the stability of the economic system in the game, and realizes self-adjustment through resource integration. Although multi-tokens have a relatively high cognitive threshold for players compared with single-tokens, it has the following advantages: First, the economic mechanism is easy to adjust while the game is running. In a multi-pass game the value of a single currency can only affect specific resources and may affect the player’s single-line revenue in the task without causing the system to crash. The second is that the currency exchange rate is adjustable. If a currency has an economic downturn then designers can promote it through in-game operational activities to increase user stickiness or increase consumption so that the value of other currencies will rise and the player’s confidence will increase, thus continuing to play and download.
The game resources and currency mentioned above are the foundation of the in-game economy but it still needs an adjustment system to balance supply and demand because the game itself involves complex numerical relationships.
In the real world, the demand for a certain commodity may be saturated in the short term but in the long term the demand for the commodity is unlimited. This is because the commodities in the material world will always be consumed over time. On the contrary, game items become worthless when there is no demand because the value of game resources comes from player interaction and in-game consumption. If the relationship between consumption and output is not established in the game world then the game economy will inevitably collapse.

Play4Free and Compete2Earn

The Crowboys project presents the unique system of Game Finance allowing every player in the world to join the game for free. There are going to be 2 types of play; first casual and second competitive gaming. The main difference is that the casual mode is available for everyone who wants to try the game and have some fun. You will be able to play the game there and check if you want to invest anything. The competitive mode, on the other hand, allows players to invest some of their money, monetize their skills, or enter the metaverse. Because we believe that most mainstream players haven’t entered the crypto space yet, it’s crucial to make it possible for everyone to check the game and to broaden the experience users can have (and only if they want to).

3D NFTs with utilities

NFTs are slowly stepping into the age of Utility as the market is already full of visual arts without any real value behind it. NFTs with utilities are the future of the NFT space. This is why every NFT dropping in the Crowboys ecosystem is going to be fully importable into the game as a 3D asset. Every holder will be the owner of the visualization stored in the IPFS(peer2peer storage) but they will also be allowed to download the game asset which they have so it may be used in other projects and not only in Crowboys! Each and every one of them will have its utility and we are not talking here about just being in-game! Staking (bounty hunting), charity, whitelisting, airdrops, and much more utilities are to come.

Metaverse open for expanding

The Crowboys' metaverse is unique in its approach to the metaverse itself. The project is focusing on bringing whole chain ideas and different projects into one metaverse and exchanging our Crowboys avatars with other Blockchain Projects. We don’t want to hide from other projects and make this metaverse exclusively about the Crowboys. We need to reach out to as many projects as possible so that it’s possible to integrate multiple products into the game and combine communities and societies.

Value-driven transparent business

The Crypto market is a financial and business "Wild West" where many projects are not providing any value - simple meme tokens, scams, rugpulls, etc. Nowadays it’s very hard to find a promising project that may be worth investing in. The Crowboys are run as a value-driven business model. It is long-term, fully transparent, with a long roadmap, and focusing on short-term and long-term value for the full community. The business should be run as a business. Before launching marketing and social media, Crowboys already had its Business Plan, Market Research, Financial Plan, and Strategic Plan well-prepared, organized, and calculated. That’s already more than the majority of blockchain projects. Our Core Team is composed of experienced members having worked on many IT projects for a multitude of corporations. The team is also comprised of career professionals such as Engineers, Doctors, Executives, and even a Geologist that are cross-skilled, extremely motivated with everyone having extensive experience in the crypto-currency space. Most importantly, they are taking their experience, skill sets, good habits, and practices from "real world" commercial experience into the Crowboys.

GameFi = Improved DeFi

GameFi is bringing crypto to the mass market. Many people will have earned their first crypto ever through blockchain games. This means that the potential market size is orders of magnitudes bigger than the previous round. Back then it was all about crypto natives with high barriers to entry. This time it’s about non-crypto natives with low barriers to entry. The potential is much bigger as utilizing the compete-to-earn model means many gamers will receive crypto assets for the first time. The focus will be more on investing in the financial infrastructure of blockchain games rather than the game itself.
GameFi resembles DeFi in many ways but the most significant difference is that all of it happens in a game. GameFi is linked to blockchain and crypto but some could argue that it’s far older than that. However, the problem with GameFi without blockchain has been that if you don’t own it you’re not allowed (by the game companies) to sell it. Markets that have formed around selling in-game items have also been highly illiquid and, in many cases, untrustworthy. With crypto and NFTs all of this has changed.

10 reasons in short why Crowboy Labs is a top-tier choice!

  1. 1.
    Mint your NFTs and buy or sell them at our partner's marketplaces. All of them are going to exist independently to the game but if you own them then you will be able to import them into the game! Each one of them will have utility and its role in the whole Crowboys Ecosystem!
  2. 2.
    Bounty Hunting
    You got your Crowboy NFT? Send it to hunt down some bandits! He/she will be back with some staking reward and one lucky Crowboy will come back in glory to the town with a Bandit NFT (airdropped randomly to stakers). It will also be a playable character in the game only to be found from Bounty Hunting!
  3. 3.
    Fun Crowboy Games
    Play our cross-platform PC/MOBILE GAME, have fun, compete and earn fantastic prizes! What can be better than earning for having fun?
  4. 4.
    Crowboys Metaverse Meet your friends (or enemies!) in West City. Play different mini games, take part in many events and earn money or NFTs by playing and interacting with other players, e.g. duel each other or drink whiskey together with text and voice chat!
  5. 5.
    In-game trading besides NFT Marketplace. See someone with a cool hat? Ask him if he wants to trade for something he might like (like for example a huge bag of $WEST tokens) and exchange!
  6. 6.
    $WILD Governance $Wild holders will be able to decide on the project! We plan to use "Wild West DAO" so all $WILD holders can create the project with us and improve it towards perfection each day!
  7. 7.
    Multi-token system The multi-token system reduces the impact of the secondary market on the game, increases the stability of the economic system in the game, and realizes self-adjustment through resource integration. The economic mechanism is easy to adjust while the game is running. In a multi-pass game the value of a single currency can only affect specific resources and may affect the player’s single-line revenue in the task without causing the system to crash.
  8. 8.
    Crowboys merchant
    Are you are in love with the project or the Wild West? We plan to allow you to buy Your fantastical Crowboys goodies!
  9. 9.
    Niche Have you ever seen a project like this? Exactly, we haven't either. There are so few western games even in mainstream video games! So hold on tight to your saddle, because it's gonna be a wild ride!
  10. 10.
    Experienced team, transparency, and a truly community-focused project Behind Crowboy Labs is an experienced team of world class professionals from Engineers, Executives, Designers, and established career professionals! Having been in the industry for some time we are aware that the crypto space is besieged by many rug-pulls or scam projects. Even Doxed teams and companies such as ours still come with risk, as we have seen with many major companies in the Web3 realm. Because of this, since day one, we have built our community to be as strong and conscientious as possible; being as transparent as glass to inform our community patiently about everything that moves within the ecosystem! We believe that behind every great project stands even greater community and that's why it is our focus to keep it updated, involved, and entertained! We do not believe in selling out our community through venture capital or bribery. As established career professionals we take pride in being driven by our passion as gamers first as opposed to monetary gain being the frontrunning motivation which is a cause to many of the troubles web2 gaming is faced with! We believe you can have your cake and eat it to with hard work and dedication!