๐Ÿ”ซWeapons and Skins

Weapons as an NFT

Genesis Crates holders will receive their 2 weapons from each crate at the moment of the weapons mint. Generally there are going to be 3 kinds of weapons: melee, ranged, and explosives. Some of ranged weapons may be 1 or 2 handed (like Double Barrel shotgun) and will be described in another section. The weapon is not mandatory to be able to play, but how would you like to kill if not with a weapon? With bare hands? It's the wild west so it wouldn't be so smart.

Types of Weapons

Description of Melee, Ranged (1 handed and 2 handed) and Explosives will come up here soon.

List of Weapons

This is our list of current weapons for now (including Easter Eggs).

  • Revolver

  • Pickaxe

  • TNT

  • Lady gun

  • Banana

  • Knife

  • Coach gun (double barrel shotgun)

  • Tomahawk (Apache style)

  • Syringe (wild west syringe)

  • Chicken leg (KFC style)

  • BFG10K-OLDWEST (quake-like weapon but with a western theme)

Weapons durability

There are 8 conditions described below. They donโ€™t have an effect on individualized stats but have colors and names to indicate their strength and rarity (Like in Fortnite).


  1. Ruined - Worst

  2. Rusted

  3. Tarnished

  4. Reliable

  5. Worn

  6. Broken-In

  7. Shiny

  8. Brand-Spanking New - Best

Later on we are going to combine these 8 into 5. Proposition of new list:

  1. Ruined - Worst

  2. Tarnished (prev. Tarnished, Rusted)

  3. Reliable (prev. Worn)

  4. Broken-In (Shiny)

  5. Brand-Spanking New - Best

So does it mean that a Ruined weapon is useless? Not at all!

If you collect 8 ruined weapons you can combine them with other unique NFT add-ons to be released that will give you a multitude of unique properties and capabilities based on the combinations you collect and utilize to burn and forge a new upgraded weapon.


Skins will add different visuals to the weapon models. Conditions will have an impact on how the skin looks.

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