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Want3d is a Free-To-Play & Compete-To-Earn Western X-Platform TPS Game-Fi brought to you by Crowboy Labs with each 3D model being an NFT with it's own utility and value!
"WANT3D" Season 1: Dead or Alive
Brief intro: Crowboy Labs is a software company specializing in the development of blockchain and gaming technologies. Our first title release "Want3d" consists of following main aspects: 1) DeFi - The $WILD (Governance, DEX) and $West (In-Game) Tokens.
2) NFTs - Genesis Crates, Avatars, Weapons, Horses, Properties, Wearable, Top Secret Drops and more! All 3D models will be importable into the game with their own utilities pursuing the goal of building and integrating cross chain technology and uniting enthusiasts everywhere!
3) SocialFi - Social-Fi brings together the worlds of social media and DeFi (decentralized finance). SocialFi essentially welcomes decentralized aspects to the activities of creating, managing and owning the various content that users create and share socially.
4) AI-FI - This is a technological term coined by Crowboy Labs and used to describe the unique attributes and features of first of their kind in-game NFTs that will have the unique ability to passively earn for holders without them ever having to lift a finger - TBA!
5) Metaverse - Built for community, utility, and entertainment. "West City" is a world catering towards competitive gamers with many features and events like Bank Robberies, Western Style PVP Gun Duels, and Team Collaborative Events; but be careful, a bar fight or two is known to break out at the Saloon from time to time!
6) TPS GameFi - Free to play (in casual mode only) and available on PC and Mobile. The game utilizes popular "Low Poly" style graphics and "Call Of Duty" meets "Fortnite" type mechanics.
Players fight their way up through the "Most Wanted" rankings, grabbing up as much bounty as they can in competitive modes! (You need your NFT equipment and $West deposits) The goal is to create an easy to learn and hard to master game while giving holders the possibility to monetize their gaming skills! To facilitate mass adoption, we will leave a F2P (Free To Play) version open for PC and Mobile users who are not yet involved in cryptocurrency. Utilizing cutting edge technology and partnerships, we will introduce newcomers to the beauty of block-chain technology in a fun, convenient, and easy to use way!
7) Community - One of the biggest mis-steps Web2 natives make when they begin a Web3-based project is treating their community—the people who invest in or buy into the project—as customers who've paid for a product. Crowboy Labs sees community as an essential utility EVERY project must have first! Saddle up and join now, so you won't miss out on the Wildest Ride in the darn tootin' WILD WEST! Firstly, after this short intro, you reading this document means that we have caught your attention! We really hope and believe we can dispel all your doubts with our "Wild Paper".
...if not, please don't hesitate to reach us or our community! All questions must be answered! Secondly, nothing is perfect. So while being with us or while reading this whitepaper, whenever you find something you think may need an update/upgrade/fix, please let the team know. We only want the very best for our gamers' community, investors, and for the project in general! After all, we are only humans and mistakes can happen. So whenever you find something noticeable - please do reach out!
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