$WILD and $WEST tokens are NOT securities, investment contracts, or binding agreements, and thus they should not be looked at or treated as such.
They are decentralized governance and utility tokens used for the Crowboys LLC ecosystem and made available to the public for those who want to participate in our ecosystems' governance, stability, and offered utilities.
$WILD will be public and governed by our decentralization autonomous organization (DAO) and will continue to be utilized as a governance and utility token for future developments.
$WEST will be our in-game currency only. Each will have their own utilities and be interchangeable. You will be able to obtain things with them and utilize them in unique ways to earn as with any token on the blockchain
There are going to be 2 tokens, $WILD and $WEST. You can read the main aspects of them below, but specific details like contract address(s) and pre-sale/launch prices are TBA.


You rock up to West City – you like the look of the place, and there’s plenty going on to pique your interest. You can stay a while, explore the surrounding areas, prospect for gold, play some cards, maybe even set up a store and try your hand at retailing! You hope to keep your nose out of trouble, or maybe you’re looking for some? Perhaps you’re just passing through – a quick drink, sample the local brothel and away you go, never to be seen again, or ending up being skinned alive by the natives…


We want to create an economic model that rewards those who invest time, resource, and energy into the ecosystem, as well as having something people can breeze in and out of without too much complexity or risk of loss.
Do you remember your first entry into Cryptocurrency? Was it the big daddy BTC or some degen coin with 1000000% APY that rugged you overnight?
Either way, investing in a volatile market that trades 24/7 can be both overwhelming and scary for many.
Our goal as Crowboys has always been to assist onboarding into crypto via a GameFi experience. What if this can be done with a tokenized system – which guarantees a return over time and a token value that never goes down? If your first foray into crypto was a zero-loss coin, would that make you look deeper, feel safer, more confident? Probably – which is why we’re super excited to launch our YEEHAW up only $WILD $WEST ecosystem!
The aim is providing a one stop shop, wholistic ecosystem with a simple onboarding process, which slowly (through educational articles and simple step by step learning) opens up all the amazing aspects of decentralized finance to users. We’ll have investing, trading, staking and development areas, with the most pain free centre piece in the $WILD token.
The longer you stay, the more you earn – it’s as simple as that!


The multi-token system reduces the impact of the secondary market on the game, increases the stability of the economic system in the game, and realizes self-adjustment through resource integration.
$WILD is going to be used across all The Crowboys environments. It will be possible to mint all Crowboys NFTs for it (after launching minting on our website) and buy all game and ecosystem assets.
This token is also going to be the token earned on DEX’s, fully available for the cryptocurrency investors, and will be treated as a governance token, so this one is going to matter when it comes to community voting regarding the project.
$WILD is multi-chain, multi-purpose and yield generating, safe and 100% collateralized token, using innovative mint on purchase, burn on sell mechanisms to ensure the value of $WILD only ever increases over time. You read that right pardner! Only green…. Only up... 100% collateralized. You can sleep easy once more!


$WILD builds on concepts of ‘collateral’ Tokenomics, designed to provide mid-long term stress free holding, with a guaranteed return on investment which only increases with ‘time in the market’. The contract exchange mechanism ensures that the value of $WILD is always increasing, regardless of a buy or a sell action.
Unlike typical token launches which immediately ‘mint’ an amount of tokens, typically have a presale, followed by the formation of a Liquidity Pool (LP) and trading start where the tradable token is exchanged back and forth with more tokens released over time - $WILD is minted only on a BUY action and $WILD is BURNED on a SELL action – which always ensures that the market cap of $WILD never exceeds the available liquidity in reserve.
In order to sustain the project development over time we implement a ‘taxation’ mechanism which filters part of the transactions back into the project in the following ways.
10% BUY tax 10% SELL tax
For each BUY and SELL action – 5% of the transaction goes into the TEAM/DEVELOPMENT wallet, 2.5% goes into the $WEST BANK and 2.5% goes into the $WILD TREASURY (Collateral liquidity).
Over time, as revenues become larger and the project is self-sustaining – the TEAM portion will be reduced – placing a higher share into the $WILD BANK.
A portion of all future revenues can be injected into the $WILD TREASURY or the $WEST BANK – thus immediately increasing the value of $WILD and/or $WEST REWARDS.
The proposed split is as such:
$TREASURY 26.50%
$TEAM 26.50%
$CRATE HOLDERS 5.00% Airdrop
$HOLDER ROLES 8.50% (4.25/4.25) Airdrop
The $WILD TREASURY (Collateral Liquidity) and $WEST BANK form the DAO, and the future direction/split/changes are directed by you – the $WILD holders, and by GENESIS CRATE holders.
DAO voting power is assigned as such:
1 point / $WILD token owned.
1 point / GOOD CRATE
1.5 points / BAD CRATE
3.5 points / UGLY CRATE
The $WEST BANK is the total value of ‘FUNDS’ available for ‘EVENTS’ in game. For example – we may run a Bandit Camp clearing event lasting for one month – with a ladder rewards pool of $500.00. This would be funded from the $WEST BANK. The formation of the $WEST bank will be created from tax contributions from $WILD trades, as well as $USDC injections from future initiatives, launches/drops, partnerships, team incentivized and any e-sports partnership events. This element is reserved and capitalized purely to be earned through gaming.
Team/Sponsor Event
Defeat Bandit Camp - 30 day event
Entry Cost 150 $WEST Reward pool 500 $USDC of $WILD
Number of bandits killed (ladder).


Okay – so how is it always collateralized and always green? Like this!
At $WILD’s launch – there will be zero tokens in circulation. No pre-sale, no team allocation, no reserved pot, no VC fund – just you me, the community, and believers setting out together to the frontiers to hopefully find fame, fortune and prosperity!
The Starting price of $WILD will be $0.5/ $WILD. (TBC)
The maximum $WILD that can be minted at any one time is 250 $WILD – this prevents to many $WILD being minted, or burned at any one price point, and ensures a smooth transition through value zones.
So, let's say the first $WILD purchase is for 250 $WILD at a cost of $125.
⦁ 10% of the transaction is deducted as TAX.
⦁ $112.50 goes to the $WILD TREASURY – 225 $WILD are MINTED by the contract and sent to the purchaser's wallet.
⦁ $6.25 goes to the TEAM WALLET
⦁ $3.125 goes to the $WEST BANK
⦁ $3.125 goes to the $WILD TREASURY
⦁ The amount of $WILD in circulation is 225 $WILD – and the $WILD TREASURY liquidity is $115.625
⦁ $WILD now has a value of $0.5139 ($115.625 / 225)
So, as you can see – the BUY increased the value of $WILD even with the TAX event!


A sell would work like this – lets say there are 10,000 $WILD in circulation, and the current price of $WILD is $1.00, so there is $10,000 in the $WILD TREASURY Liquidity pool.
User sells 1000 $WILD at a price of $1.00 per $WILD
⦁ 10% of the value is deducted as TAX.
⦁ 1000 $WILD are BURNED and removed from circulation forever - $900 is sent to the users’ wallet.
⦁ $50 goes to the TEAM wallet
⦁ $25 goes to the $WEST BANK
⦁ $25 goes to the $WILD TREASURY
⦁ The amount of $WILD in circulation is now 9,000 and the $WILD TREASURY liquidity is now $9025.00
⦁ $WILD now has a value of now $1.0028 ($9025.00 / 9000)
So as you can see – the SELL increased the value of $WILD even with the TAX event!
Every single transaction, BUY or SELL increases the underlying price of the $WILD token!
When a lot of tokens are minted or burned at the same price – the price moves very slowly, so this is why we set a buy limit on the number of tokens at any one time – to keep the price moving upwards at a nice steady but healthy pace.
As the Crowboys Ecosystem develops there will be lots of BUY pressure on the $WILD token, from onboarding new users, revenue streams, earning events and external vaults we can deploy to ensure volume is flowing through the ecosystem. Even without Volume – you don’t lose value! So, it’s a very safe and secure investment strategy.
In the absolute extreme case, that everyone leaves the project and sells their tokens, do not despair! As the last Token holder – you hit the jackpot baby! You walk away with the entire $WILD TREASURY liquidity - minus tax of course! Imagine that… You hold, hold, hold, and are genuinely rewarded for it!
Of course, the whole idea of investing is to take some profits from time to time, buy some shoes for the kids, maybe treat yourself to a nice holiday, and that’s encouraged! Once you’ve reached a point where profit is accruing nicely, you can cash rewards out any enjoy them without ‘dumping’ on your fellow holders, as we all benefit when sales occur due to the burning events!


YES! We understand – a Buy and Sell tax of 20% means the price needs to increase approximately – 20% for the $WILD holder to start seeing profits – but this is the case with every taxable token, and this 20% (and more) will be achieved very quickly, and it is impossible to lose money if you hold mid-long term.
Indeed, the worst-case scenario is you buy $WILD, and immediately sell $WILD – this leaves you 19% down – and if you choose to enter and immediately exit, that’s okay, this is the $WILD $WEST! But the idea is a safe place to lay your hat, settle down and enjoy the ecosystem for a while -and in that time you spend playing games and making friends, your $WILD has appreciated in value – and you’ve probably earnt some more $WILD during your stay and play!
Of course – the sooner you enter – the more gains you can make over time – or rather – hop on the train, enjoy the journey, and when you’ve arrived at your destination - hop off, and enjoy the profit!
Through constant buy and sell pressure from the ecosystem we ensure a constant upwards trajectory for $WILD as well as funds being injected into the $WILD treasury.
For example – 2D PFP drop – generates $10,000 allocated to the $WILD treasury (example numbers).
Current $WILD price is for example $1.00 and there are 10,000 tokens in circulation – so the $wild bank is collateralized at $10,000 (10,000 x $1.00). We inject $10,000 into the $WILD treasury, and now the $WILD value is $2.00….. ($20,000 / 10,000) – this causes a huge spike in token value, and a sell wall begins. This sell wall – INCREASES the value of the remaining $WILD in circulation, as sold $WILD is burnt and removed from circulation forever.


We are launching on CRONOS, and the first $WILD TREASURY will be here – where we plant our flag as home. But as the purchase of $WILD is made with $USDC (and ultimately the collateral is $USDC) – we have immediate options to cross chain, as $USDC is easily bridgeable.
The reason we chose to collateralize the $WILD in $USDC is that given the current macro, and current market conditions, having collateral in a stable coin – means we are not subject to market conditions and the volatility of a native token such as $CRO/$ARB/$ETH/BTC etc. That’s not to say at some point in the future the $WILD TREASURY could not be partially or wholly collateralized with L1 coins – it is just the safest decision for now – to guarantee stability and ensure onboarding for new users isn’t too volatile! This is partially the beauty of the DAO system -as ultimately the direction of the project funds will be decided by you, it’s loyal community.
Indeed, one idea for the future would be for Chain specific and Common Guarantee Funds.
Chain-specific funds: The size of the chain-specific funds could be adjusted based on the number of players active on each chain, as well as the overall economic activity on each chain. For example, chains with more players and higher economic activity might require larger funds to manage potential economic fluctuations.
Common Guarantee Fund (CROSS CHAIN ARBITRAGE): The size of the common guarantee fund could be adjusted based on the total number of players and the overall economic activity across all chains. In particular, the common fund might make contributions to the chain-specific funds: Each chain-specific fund could contribute a portion of its reserves to the common fund. This contribution could be proportional to the economic weight of the chain – for example, chains with more economic activity could contribute a larger percentage of their reserves. This would ensure that the common fund is adequately capitalized, while also aligning the interests of each chain with the stability of the system as a whole.
Because of the unique and innovative nature of $WILD Tokenomics, we wont have any pre-sale allocation, it will be a fair launch on our own website. As we will hold all of our own liquidity as collateral, there won't be any listing as an LP on DEX/CEX platforms, it will only be tradable on the website on our own platform – after all – we are building out the ECOSYSTEM – and not just a token, so it’s preferential to drive traffic to the website!
To reward early investors and believers in the "Wante3d" project, we can now finally reveal the ‘hidden’ benefits to holding large amounts of GENESIS crates...
Access to being able to mint $WILD – will only be accessible to GENESIS crate holders in the first phases. That’s right guys and gals – you get the chance to enter the ECOSYSTEM first. Before public release and trading – we will have TIERED access based on the number of CRATES you hold as such:
Each TX is limited to 1000 $WILD, and only a limited amount of $WILD per TIER to ensure that the differences between TIERS is not substantial, and each TIER below is accessible as the $WILD mint progresses.


WEST, on the other hand, is going to be used for in-game transactions only, gambling in saloons, dueling with other Crowboys, playing mini games, playing competitive mode, and trading items in-game! You will be able to earn it ONLY from playing the game and with Genesis Crates.
The $WILD TREASURY (Collateral Liquidity) and $WEST BANK form the DAO, and the future direction/split/changes are directed by you – the $WILD holders, and by GENESIS CRATE holders.
DAO voting power is assigned as such:
1 point / $WILD token owned.
1 point / GOOD CRATE
1.5 points / BAD CRATE
3.5 points / UGLY CRATE
The $WEST BANK is the total value of ‘FUNDS’ available for ‘EVENTS’ in game. For example – we may run a Bandit Camp clearing event lasting for one month – with a ladder rewards pool of $500.00. This would be funded from the $WEST BANK. The formation of the $WEST bank will be created from tax contributions from $WILD trades, as well as $USDC injections from future initiatives, launches/drops, partnerships, team incentivized and any e-sports partnership events. This element is reserved and capitalized purely to be earned through gaming.
Team/Sponsor Event:
Defeat Bandit Camp - 30 day event
Entry Cost 150 $WEST
Reward pool 500 $USDC of $WILD
Number of bandits killed (ladder)
$WEST is minted daily – and is uncapped via crate staking and earning! You can use your $WEST in game, as well as pledging it to join $WILD earning events!
There are two inherent ways to earn $WEST – CRATE STAKING (Genesis Crates):
Secondly, $west can be earned in P2E events at a rate of 0.01 $WEST/kill – this will be monitored and adjusted over time dependent on results.
As mentioned earlier – the goal is to funnel taxes towards the $WEST BANK, which is earnable for in game events, and all future earning events will inject LIQUIDITY amounts into both the $WILD TREASURY and the $WEST BANK to inflate the token value constantly over time, and ensure rewards are always available.
In it’s infancy – we may limit the amount of $WILD available through EVENT P2E – just to ensure we have a number of months rewards always on hands. The Proposed schedule is to VEST or release 1/6th of the $WEST BANK every 30 days as reward events – in addition to any team sponsored/partner sponsored or e-sport events.
We will review this constantly to ensure fair and transparent distribution of rewards, whilst ensuring sustainable longevity of the project.
An example may be a (random project) sponsored event – whereby participants may be able to win (random project's) NFT’s/$Token etc., for specific challenges set by the (random project's) team.
Over time we will also onboard cross-chain vaults, and staking contracts, along with AI-FI earning potential to ensure buy pressure on the $WILD ecosystem, and holistic ecosystem.
We truly believe in the model presented as a simple, fair, and POSITIVE GAINS Tokenomics model – which is designed specifically to assist with onboarding new users, whilst rewarding long term holders and participants. Of course – the success of any project is down to the community – and together we can create something truly special and game changing!
From the outset – we aim to run events on a 30 day schedule – but as time progresses we envisage 7 and 14 day events being added to the calendar. An example earn event would be as follows:


Optional Scenario…
Collateralized token model – we feel – is the way all start-up companies in DeFi should begin - it secures project funds for the community and investors – and is a way to ensure that your investment is safe. This differs to the ‘typical’ IDO/ICO model whereby a number of tokens are sold in a pre-sale and upon launch an amount of tokens are minted (over a vested timescale or immediately) – which puts instant sell pressure of the token – and can be subject to investor manipulation. How many projects have we seen launch, ramp up, then slowly bleed out over time? This is because there is no new money entering the Liquidity pools to prop up the price of the inflating token.
I.E. – if your liquidity has a pooled value of $10,000 USD, and the amount of tokens is inflating 2%/day – without new liquidity, the value of the token will decrease 2%/day.
A collateralized model as we are proposing with innovative mint on purchase/burn on sell– whilst having a slower growth curve – ensures movement is ALWAYS positively up. Of course, any economic model relies on volume (through use) – however the safety net is that without inflationary Tokenomics – even without volume – the price remains stable.
The largest volume mechanism we are employing – is the $WEST earning tool through GameFi – by having an ‘exit’ model – encouraging users to ‘cash in’ $WEST earning through gaming, for $WILD rewards, this creates sell pressure on $WILD, and keeps volume flow. Conversely buy pressure is created from ‘events’ – be that merchandising, NFT drops, AI-Avatars etc., or through earning vaults implemented on the platform, and external revenue streams.
At some point in time – the community decides they want to go ’public’ and list $WILD on a DEX/CEX. The collateralized $WILD treasury – acts as our pre-sale. We remove the tax model:
I.E. – current pool is 40,000 $WILD – treasury value of $80,000. The liquidity pre-sale pool for $WILD on launch would be 40,000 $WILD: $80,000 USDC ($2/token). Let’s say we arbitrarily had the 10B token model in effect as the IDO – then we utilize the ‘Launchpad’ for release, with a $WILD price of $2.50 in addition to an amount to be raised of let's say $250,000. Then we could trade publicly on any DEX.


We have taken all of our many and crazy years of Web2/3, engineering, academic, and professional experience and mixed it with our hearts and souls to build what we believe to be the most unique DeFi system ever proposed in such a state. Our goal wasn't to simply fork, copy, and emulate what was done before, but instead utilize the wisdom we have gained through trial and error to solve real world issues that face the systems we all utilize today! Nothing is of course perfect, but we know this is the first step into a new world where... The Future Is WILD! PS. Don't go ripping off our ideas! We're watching all you bandits out there! 🤠