Game Design/Plan

The general concept of the game is already created, but some specifications are still under consideration.

General Concept

What is the game about?

  1. 1.
    The game will take all players into the Wild Western World of Want3d! Each one of us may become a Crowboy and fight for money, glory or for his life in this tough environment!
  2. 2.
    The game will be set in seasons, very much in the style of games such as Fortnite, Call Of Duty, and other popular FPS/TPS games!
  3. 3.
    Want3d is a Shooter Game where holders can compete as 3D avatars of their NFTs. Game modes include Free For All ("Most Want3d"), Team Deathmatch ("Rangers and Outlaws"), Search and Destroy, ("Catch the train"), ("Meet me at the jailhouse") and more...
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    The game will be in "Low Poly" style graphics paying tribute to the golden age of gaming we all grew up loving (Zelda, Mario 64, FF7 etc.) with a modern twist! Low Poly description -
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    The game consists of genesis NFTs for early backers, NFT Crowboy AI-Avatars, NFT weapons (melee, ranged, and explosives), NFT skins, NFT horses, and NFT Properties like Saloon, Mine, Jail to let it work in the Wild West and earn passively for you some $WEST.
  6. 6.
    You will need an avatar and a weapon to be able to play the competitive game and West City Metaverse.
  7. 7.
    You don't need anything to play free-to-play casual mode but you will be limited to playing only the default avatar with the default gun. There will be some free weekends or events to try new equipment, features and maps for free!
  8. 8.
    West City is an in-game Metaverse world where all players can meet, talk, play mini-games, interact with each other and share the experiences throughout the game. You can also duel other players and pledge your money or NFTs, but you better have quicker hands then!
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    The plan is for the game to be available both on PC and Mobile (cross-platform) so we can gather as many users as possible!
  10. 10.
    Crowboys is an TPS (Third person Shooter) shooter. There will also be a Metaverse city.

Compete for fun, or compete to $earn.

There will be 2 types of play: casual and competitive.


You had a great day, drunk whiskey through the night... and suddenly you wake up hundreds of miles from home with some strange weapon and hear a gunfight! Welcome to the Wild West! In casual mode players will be able to practice and have a casual experience and to get to know the mechanics of the game. It will be possible to join as a party to the game but in this mode every player will join the random game-mode on a random map with a random weapon. Find a way to survive! Good luck Crowboy!


Competitive play, on the other hand, will be for the more experienced and organized Crowboys. No greenhorns here! Every play will require a deposit. In this type of play every player will gain or lose your place in the global rating. Top (Most Wanted) players in each division will get airdrops at the end of each epoch when the rating resets! Higher division = higher the prize. You get a prize = you promote to a higher division in the next epoch. But be aware... you can also fall to the lower one! How long the epoch is going to be? It depends. For now we are aiming for 3-4 weeks.

Shooting time! How to handle the guns?

You entered the game. You found yourself in the middle of all the shootin'. What do you do? JUST TAKE YOUR WEAPON AND SHOOT!
There will be 3 ways of holding the gun. Left hand (if the gun is 1-handed) - it will increase the rate of fire by 10%. Right hand (if the gun is 1-handed) - it will increase the accuracy by 10%. It's not enough for you? TAKE YOUR PISTOLS TO BOTH HANDS! Both hands (only possible with 2x 1-handed guns) - it will decrease the total accuracy by 25%, but how BADASS will you look?! Perfect to give some cover-fire for teammates! You can also grab your 2-handed weapons (barrel shotgun or rifle). Explosives are an additional weapon to hold during the game but oh boy. be careful, it's heavy! You are strong, but not that strong. With explosives, you run slower by 15%.