Want3d - The Low Poly West World - First Western Metaverse NFT Game-Fi.


Become a Most Wanted player on the Most Wanted Ranking List!
Ladder up in the ranking by playing a competitive mode described more in compete-for-fun-or-compete-to-earn Most Wanted players will get their reward on each game reset!


Before, after, or between the games, we need to talk about our adventures. The first place where you want to go is a saloon and grab a big glass of good whiskey.


Meet your friends and enemies! Play different mini-games, walk around the metaverse West City, duel with others, and win or lose pledged money or NFTs!


There are going to be many different events happening in the city; the best place that the Crowboys can rest and have fun. Example: "Bank heist" Events. Our partners' funds (or funds bought by us) are going to be stored in the metaverse West City bank! There are two teams that people will join, The Bank Cavalry as a defending force and The Hounds as attacking one. Who wins = grabs the money shared with all team members!


All interactive and mandatory equipment in competitive mode (compete-to-earn) are going to be NFTs. Every player will be the owner of the things he actually wears or invests into! You will have your skins, guns, avatars, or properties and will be able to level them up further by simply playing and instilling value in them based on time committed as opposed to artificial value determined by project directors! You will also be able to earn with them passively on top of being able to buy, sell, and trade them! But that's not enough! We know you like a good rarity system! Who doesn't?! But there are no arbitrary, abstract fantasy, or weird concepts that make no sense in West City! Only the GOOD, BAD, AND THE UGLY! All of them are going to be 3D, importable models into the game and usable across the entire ecosystem!

Genesis NFTs

Genesis NFTs are considered as seed funding to the project. They are going to have a lot of benefits like passive $WILD and $WEST income, Whitelisting, Special Airdrops etc. You better grab some because after they are gone, there won't be any more of them! There will be two - the Genesis Crates and the Crowboy AI-Avatars!


There are going to be 3 kinds of weapons, melee, ranged, and explosives. Each weapon degrades in time. Unfortunately, you have to repair it for the WEST tokens or to buy a new one if it's already devastated and unable to repair. The weapon is not mandatory to be able to play, but how would you like to kill if not with a weapon? With bare hands? It's the wild west, so it wouldn't be so smart.


They are considered to be stake-only NFTs; Examples of these will be Coal, Silver, Gold mines, Saloons, Jailhouses, Stables, Gun Stores and others. All of them will give people the ability to passively earn the tokens in the game throughout the time that they stake it. Some of them will also give them different unique perks and possibilities or discounts in the metaverse! We plan to make them visible in the game metaverse world!


Thanks to the skins you can differ from others with your look! It doesn't change the way you play, but man, everyone can see it's you if you have your cool hat on or funny thing on your gun! Change your outfit, change your horse's look, change your face, change everything, so you will look like a star on a Most Wanted poster!


How can you be a true Crowboy without a horse? You can hear "M'lady! Whisky for my men, and a beer for my horse!" every day in our West City. These special NFTs will allow players to take part in special events and special game-modes (like "catch the train") You will also be able to ride them in the metaverse West City!


Who doesn't want to play and earn money by playing it? Please see the definition of What is this "GameFi"?, read about NFT staking and in-gameProperties so you can know what to do to BUY MORE WHISKEY! The whole Crowboys ecosystem is based on $WILD and $WEST tokens; more described in Tokenomics section. Feel free to read more about it!