What are properties?

You can compare them to bigger buildings/mansions/utility properties in Crowboys metaverse ecosystem. Examples may be Stables, Gun Store, Church(?), Saloon, Coal/Silver/Gold mines, Casinos, Jailhouse etc.

What is their utility?

The main benefit is to let people get a % of all fees from the game and metaverse as a reward for staking them and or building on them. You will be able to monetize them very much how a content creator monetizes their You Tube Channel. For example
  • Stables Owners = % of each Horses transactions.
  • Gun Stores = % of each guns transactions and guns repairs.
  • Church = % from each community events fees.
  • Saloons = % from saloon transactions.
  • Coal/Silver/Gold mines = % of $WILD or $WEST transactions until they're fully extracted! (each mine has it’s maximum to mine).
  • Jailhouse = % of in-game competitive deposits.

Future ideas?

We have now more ideas for them than is written in the docs..... But we're not stopping there!