Genesis Crates

Picture of our Good Crate - The most common

The Genesis Crate (3000 supply)

The genesis crates are a collection of 5000 NFTs being the first NFTs in Crowboys Ecosystem giving a lot of features for early investors. 1. You can treat it like a Early-Bird VIP founders pass-box. 2. By holding a Genesis Crate you are joining the Crowboys Community and are getting the possibility to play-to-earn and take part in many events that yield competitive fun and generous rewards. 3. You are Whitelisted for everything we're dropping/launching. 4. All crate holders will also get 5% of our fund raising EVERY TIME THROUGH THE LIFE OF CROWBOYS PROJECT. So each MINT, DROP, LAUNCH you will get your $share! 5. 10% of secondary sales also go back to holders! 8% go to holders in staking (staking is already live on two partnered platforms), 2% go back to holders as rewards for games and events in our community. 6. 10+ Holders also get 1x free mint of our Genesis Avatars! 7. Crates also have 2 special unique features inside. First one is AIRDROP of 2 weapons NFTs and profile banner. Second one is Crate Treasure opening. See more here ->Crate 'Openings' Is it the end? Of course not! 8. Once we're live with our game, crates will be accumulating the fixed number of $WEST tokens on a daily basis, after the game launch, so you have an easier life with depositing for a chance to win high stake rewards such as $Wild in competitive gaming modes. You can then use the $WEST token to trade weapons, skins, horses, wearables, and properties. Players who do not own a Genesis crate will need to earn $WEST through gameplay. Ok... so now... finally... is it the end? 9. NO! We're constantly looking for more and more utilities for these crates, so having these will really let you become a VIP in the NFT market.

Seed Funding

We are a big project coming to a Cronos Blockchain, but our strategy is to gather the initial funds through crowdfunding and internal bootstrap contributions. That's why we're dropping our crates, which will NOT be minted ever again. It's 3000 of them forever. Call your pardners and giddy up!


We will be doing mint raffles - Every mint and every crate is an additional chance to win one reward from each raffle. So, quick math; the more crates you have, the more chances to win you have!


Public minting - 330 CRO Whitelisted Crowboys & Ebisu's Bay Founding NFT Holders - 300 CRO THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE MINT

Mint Limits

There is no total mint limit per wallet, but you will only be allowed to mint 8 at a time. Meaning you can mint up to 8 in one transaction, then a second transaction would allow you to mint 8 more, and so on.
Our Bad Crate - The second rarest crate


Beautiful 3D animated NFT model Infinite looped 3D Banners airdropped to holders! COMMUNITY
DAO voting power! Only holders can claim rewards at Community Events! GAME
5% discount in the metaverse saloon! Distinguishable from others in-game (this may be a cool clan-tag beside your username or special skin airdropped) EARNINGS
80% of Secondary Market royalties go back to holders through Staking! 20% of Secondary Market royalties go back to holders through Community Events! Crates will have ability to be 'opened' later to find weapons and epic treasures! WEST token generates passive income on a daily-basis! 5% of EVERY FUTURE CROWBOYS MINT/DROP/LAUNCH FUNDS RAISED go back to holders! Many raffles with huge rewards throughout the mint! FUTURE
Automatically whitelist for the next NFT, Genesis Crowboy, first 3D playable character for the game with bounty huntin’ stakin’ (Staking with Limited Bandit NFT airdrop after round ends)! First of two genesis NFTs you need to hold to become a Genesis Member = Events, Airdrops & Alpha/Beta testing of the game and metaverse. Holders of 10+ Crates will get a 2D Low-Poly Cowboy PFP, each one unique with different traits.

Good, Bad & Ugly Rarity

Rarity System differs in % of passive income daily basis. 1. Good (93% chance of mint)= 1x $WEST daily
Possibility of getting wealth factor from 0 to 4.
Possibility of finding a pick-axe in every possible condition (1-8)
Possibility of finding a revolver in poor condition (1-2) 2. Bad (6% chance of mint)= 1.5x $WEST daily + bad banner airdrop
Possibility of getting wealth factor from 2 to 6.
Possibility of finding a revolver in poor or average condition (1-5)
Possibility of finding a TNT in poor or average condition (1-5) 3. Ugly (1% chance of mint)= 3.5x $WEST daily + ugly banner airdrop
Possibility of getting wealth factor from 4 to 10.
Possibility of finding a revolver in average or perfect condition (4-8)
Possibility of finding a TNT in average or perfect condition (4-8)
x - TBD in the future Banners are going to be used to customize your profile in the game. Weapons conditions are more detailed here Conditions
Are Good crates useless then? ABOSLUTELY NOT! All Crates contain treasure, even those with a 0 Wealth rating. The higher the rating, the higher your chance of getting the biggest items, but even a 0 wealth crate can get something insane! Also even if you get only ruined weapons inside, they still can have it's purpose, see so-does-it-mean-that-ruined-weapon-is-useless-not-at-all
Our Ugly Crate - The rarest crate to mint

Crate 'Openings'

Each crate will have some treasure inside, Weapons and Wealth Factor Attribute.


Crates can be opened at a later date, following the Official Weapons Mint. Each create you mint will contain 2 weapon NFTs that will be acquired after you open the crate.
Check Good, Bad & Ugly Rarity to see the probability of getting each weapon.

Wealth Factor Attribute

Each crate will also have an attribute called Wealth Factor. This attribute will be rated on a scale of 0 to 10. The higher the wealth rating of each crate, the higher chance you will get for rarer additional treasure to receive when opening your crate. This could range from small bags of $WILD or $CRO tokens to other Crowboys NFTS, or some other awesome surprises even from other projects! Who knows what you'll find in your crate!
Good, Bad and Ugly - which one will you get?


What we have not been telling you the whole time is.... We love Easter eggs! There are 8 UNIQUE CRATES with specific weapons and attributes inside! Be sure to check yours!!!