3D Crowboys NFTs

If you don't know what an NFT is, please check our previous page How does GameFi work?

NFTs in Crowboys world

There will be a lot of NFT's in the Crowboys world. Starting from genesis NFTs to simply reward the early investors for their trust and help, throughout the avatars, skins, weapons, and ending on Lands and properties(e.g. Mine, Stable, Saloon, Jailhouse) to be able to Stake them and get profits over a time.
It's important to understand that you own the NFT outright; it's a token of ERC-721 contract stored on IPFS and it's not stored on our internal servers or storages so it doesn't depend on the game. The game will read the NFTs that are in your wallet so they will gain additional, huge utility when the game launches.

Part of the Want3d Game

Each and every one of them is going to be 3D NFT model preview that can be imported into the game!


Each and every one of them will have it's utility and we are not talking here about just being in game! Staking(bounty hunting), charity, whitelisting, airdrops and much more!


We know that NFT lovers biggest love is.... RARITY. So we will have that too! But we don't have dragons here and we won't have funny legendary ones... It's wild west, boys! Only GOOD, BAD and UGLY NFTs here!


Some of the NFTs (like weapons) are going to be upgradeable to have higher perks. We can't let the upgrades ruin the balance in the game so you will need to have higher rank in the Most Wanted Ranking to be able to use them in game!

Current NFTS

More NFT's coming soon